Friday, January 28, 2011


Prophet said :
" When a slave makes ablution and rinses his mouth, his wrong deeds fall from it. As he rinses his nose, his wrong deeds fall from it. When he washes his face, his wrong deeds fall from it until they fall from beneath his eyelashes. When he washes his hands, his wrong deeds fall from them until they fall from beneath his fingernails. when he wipes his head his wrong deeds fall from it until they fall from his ears. When he washes his feet, his wrong deeds fall from them until they fall from beneath his toenails...."

Its fardu ain exam tomorrow, which on 10.00 am until 10.30 am.
I read this from my fardu ain book.
Ok, i am naive, yes i am. i assume that everyone know this long time ago.
The wisdom of ablution.
Yes, i should admit, the advantage of taking ablution, is beyond what i can imagine.

This sound funny,
dulu kalau amik wudhuk, main hentam je. sekarang penuh tatasusila :)
Oh, i figured this out, hikmah masuk UIA !!

Bila kita berilmu, kita beramal.
I guess this is the right quote -________-

* i remember this one person, 2 years ago, while taking SPM. His advice, ' sebelum masuk kelas, amik wudhuk dulu ye, supaya xmengantuk ' . yes i miss that person so badly.

Presentation was great this morning.
Big applause to farah syuhada for answering all the questions from ustazah.
U did very well ada si semonyet.HAHAHAHA
* u can replace ustazah soon :)

The amali solat was great too.
Alhamdulillah, everything was easier than i thought.
I manage to recite the surah without any problem, doing the solah practical

Orang cakap, kata2 itu ialah doa, kalau macam tu aku nak cuba cakap banyak2 kali
' I dont love that person, not even a bit '
This will come true. It will, right? It will. yes it will.


♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

wudhuk memang ade banyak fadhilat die. thats one of them :)

the advantage of attending UIA, is beyond what we can imagine, right? :D
start to love UIA a bit. apekah statement ini? HAHAHA!

wooo. i used to do that before. tapi skang dah tak amalkan. T_T
jum amalkan skang :D

OIT! awak la Husna si semonyet!
btw, presentation, didnt expect it will turn out that well. haha. having a great time with you and Zu~ pegang ketas majung sbb x bawak seletep. terbaek la kan. hahaha

kata2x itu doa. hmmmm. it depends on the heart actually. but its one of the way jugak la kot.
sy doakan awak.

final is coming. dun stress urself too much okie.

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

i hope that kata2 itu betul2 menjadi doa.
sgt2 hope
tp its take time
things related to heart , its unpredictable isnt it.
i shall stand tough here.