Sunday, December 12, 2010


2 reports waiting to be done
  • chemistry
  • biology
2 quizzes in a way increase the pressure
  • biology
  • chemistry
4 papers making the whole day called study-sampai-pengsan day
  • chemistry
  • understanding islam
  • arabic
  • biology
1 person that tend to change everything
*** myself.

** pengsan

- hoi hoi,
demam dgn sgt hebat malam td. sweater + selimut + kipas off.
padan muka, sape suruh push2 diri sendiri lg.
hari ni sakit tekak + demam
mmg hebatlah kan -.-

Alhamdulillah. computer, its so-so lah :)
InsyaAllah. tawakal skrg nie.

mr.4flat, meh dtg dekat2 meh, nak peluk kuat2, xbg duk jauh2 smpi masuk main campus, smpi habis blaja. heeeee

dont go, as u r the oxidation that complete my reduction,
and if i could say, we r the mixture that become the soluble salt,
or, the lacunna that surround the osteoblast to make it perfectly shape,
or the mathematician that will gone crazy without his calculator.
so stay :)

and i would like to treasure the rainbow with you



♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

bile org saket bermadah..
oo. yg ni tnye lacuna seme tuh..

btw, best ayat.

Anonymous said...

saje nak bermadah gn mencampurkan biology,chemistry n mathematics,
regarding to feeling
cool huh?