Monday, December 6, 2010


A pit-stop if i could say.

Haish. Extremely tired.


Yet, there's nothing change.

- - - - - - -
the more i run to it, the further it is,

Why am i so pathetic?

My pride is nearly negative, negative infinity if i could say.

midsem is around the corner.
no, its on this week. which i done nothing for it.
preparation, its zero.
ada, i wish i could 'obliviate' everything too.
yet, everything seems tougher than we could see.

hoi hoi, its done.
nomonomonomo chua e', its meaningless for you.

so what is left behind?


metabolic rate, its undergo rejection from the body.

i hope i could add two subtances, n it could react become a soluble salt.

MgBr2 + 2KCH3COO => 2KBr + Mg(CH3COO)2

I learn to live in the hard way now.

Kita tak boleh bergantung pada siapa2 kan?


Dr.Husna dah penat. pesakit yang sorang tuh tak pulih2.


♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

ada, i wish i could 'obliviate' everything too.
yet, everything seems tougher than we could see.

there's a reason why Allah won't let us do that. Dia nak kite muhasabah byk2x, amek pengajaran. experience teaches us to be tougher.

we're actually tougher now.

let bygone be bygone.
maybe it's not meant to be forgot.
mesti ade hikmah.
and for the time being,
i'm looking for the way,
not the way how to forget it,
but how by remembering it, it makes me even tougher.

but, of course.
it's still painful.

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

tougher than i am
discovered everything, its painful.
its harder time by time i guess.
** sila dtg bilikku malam ini -.-

Anonymous said...

sabar doctor,
this is one gnarly patient :)

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

mnjadi dr. mmg perlu bersabar.
this time.
patience is positive infinity

Anonymous said...

there are always options,
what i meant is better options.
you don't have to worry actually as only time will tell,
sekarang ni, you simply have to put your studies first, you're bright, and the chances are there for you to take.

bestest of lucks doc.:)

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

ahah. encik harith
i'm sure u r a sweet talker
terima kasih

Anonymous said...

I'm not sweettalking doc. -.-
I don't draw myself anywhere near to you hence it is not called sweettalking.

But still, I won by 25 cm! hahaha:D


woo , gudluck :)

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

harith : hahhaa. then dont get near me forever -.- hahahah.
ish. yes you won by 25 cm. but i dont care at all. weeeeeek. hahaha

zaty : thanks dear :)

Anonymous said...