Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tips for MUET

Korang2 yg mintak tips utk MUET, bajet mcm aku pernah amik MUET.
aku amik EPT jerlah. tp sm je ngan MUET, cuma, bezanya aku xde listening test uh'
here r some tips, setelah aku buat research n tnye some seniors sume.
1. please be confident, they want to see how well, how fluent you r in speaking english. they dont care n dont count how much ur point r, but the way u transfer ur idea bout the topic given to them.

2. please aware ur manner. if u want to object ur friends' point of view, then raise ur hand and say ' i beg to differ please, in my opinion.. ' blablablabla. and if u want to add something, do the same thing, raise ur hand, ' i think i would like to add some points..' blalala, then, do agree with ur friends point. in example.. ' i agree with Ada's opinion.... blalalalal '

3. dont be too shy, n dont let others conquer the floor. n to those yg gila terer speaking english, dont conquer the floor coz the judges might HATE u then. jgn tunjuk pandai la senang ckp.

4. if u dont have the idea, or dont have any point, then just elaborate ur friends point. well, dont repeat the same thing, just give ur point of view :)

5. if u really noe ur group-mates, then discuss among urself who gonna start first, second.. n etcetc. n who gonna be the chairperson.

6. lastly, do smile to ur judges :) n xlupa, berdoalah pd yang Maha Esa, insyaAllah, Dia permudahkan, dan bertawakallah setelah selesai semua!

dats all i think. i hope, i really hope this might can help u a bit :) gambateh.

confident! thats more important.n prepare the night before ur speaking test :)

Tirah syg, che'kul, mokhsin, ikha, n mereka2 yg lain.

break a leg :)

sticky note : i dont have the hot topic for this muet. semlm akk tu call ms tgh2 mlm, mt da mcm panda cun. so nak knotted down important points pun ta larat. nie ape yg sy igt ye. ape2. need help. skype je. fatinhusnaxoxo


♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

eheh. nameku di situ :)

somehow, i feel quite worried about the result. huhuhu~ nak exempted~

good luck too~ :D

Adika said...

MUET.....huhu...saya lama lg....

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

good luck dear :)