Thursday, September 30, 2010


I love her :)
Soothest me when i totally down.
Be there when i am falling deep.
Stand by me for my weak n strong.
Bear with me even smtime i am totally 'menyampahkan' -.-

Dear ada,
if i could give u the world, i would do that, just to tell u how much u do mean to me.
I was wrong in calculating the greatness of fate. I am no one to change the fate. I am the one who hurt two hearts just to ensure another heart get a happiness ( but i guess, the other heart dont feel the happiness). Yes, i shouldnt do that, to those hearts, who always been by my side all this time. I wish i could turn the time back, but i couldnt. I'm afraid that, regretting the past wouldnt bring myself anywhere. I just should accept the reality, Allah knows the best. n He would write the fate for His slaves in His best. I should know. n i should never ask him to leave her, she never do anything wrong to me. Who am i to grab the happiness that she own. I should just walk away by myself, but it is the hardest thing to do ever in my 18 years alive. Love makes everyone lost their control. but, i will never forget about our dream, i would never forget. i would fight for it. Love never make me lost control in my study. InsyaAllah. I wish, hati akn sgt redha. supy dpt terima dgn sgt tenang. Ye, mencintai x semestinya memiliki.

** for two hearts that was hurted by me, i am sorry. I wish i could do something, but i couldnt. I noe how hard it is, because of my own carelessness , my own stupidity. I am kneel-down to both of u.
'Please forgive me'


♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...


sy xtahu pun pasal tu.

haih. are you already aware bout the consequences before taking the act?
if not, oke maybe mase tu awak emo, maybe dorg paham.

those two persons. clarify everything dengan dorg oke. taknak sebab hal ni, frenship selama ni hilang camtu je. sayang.

but. don't blame yourself. dah lumrah. manusia. kadang2x ikut emosi, macam2x bole buat tanpa pikir baek buruk dlu. sy pon pernah. everyone sure does. so, jangan rase guilty sgt eh.

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

i'm done with everything.