Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Am i doing it ryte?

Sheishly,ahah, i cant stop thinking about my action
Is it ryte or wrong? ahah.
pretending like i dont but sheishly i do
Damn it, am i doing the ryte thing here dear?
Acting like i dont love him but act i do n deeply love him
This is what we call stupidity becoz of heart always doesnt agree with mind
U donoe what its like to feel like this
But, maybe i am a good actress.
Gagagaa, as he looks like trusting all the way what am i saying
Maybe its for our own good.


3 days to go..
Deeply, sy sedih kot. Sebak2..
Everything will be changed..
Hope mentality n physically, i am strong enough.
Permulaan yg baru utk hidup yg baru.
Sungguh sy takut utk memulakan yg baru.
Syg kot na berpisah dengan semua
Dan sungguh sy ta sggup nak terima hakikat dye akan lupakan sy..
Sungguh sy takut itu menjadi yg terakhir.

Cinema, playground, ice skating ;)


trouble-maker said...

long way to go,my dear.;) put all tis besides.n ready 4 the new life!i noe u're strong enough to face all new thng outsides.;) iloveyou,dear.;)

fatinhusna said...

ahah. sure yana
i put everything aside